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Fall Is In The Air!
Fall Leaves on the ground
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It's not quite Fall yet, but that crisp feeling is in the air! When we were young, Fall signified the start of the school year, Halloween time, and tons of other fun activities. I've noticed that as I've gotten older, I've let a lot of the excitement of Fall "fall" by the wayside (no pun intended). So I decided that this year, I would make a Fall Bucket List!

5 Fall Things To Make You Feel Young Again!

1. Attend A High School Football Game

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You don't have to have a kid on the team to cheer for the local high school. As a matter of fact, the school would welcome new fans! Get there early so you can see the team run on the field, cheer with the cheerleaders, and take in that awesome marching band. Don't forget to get a hot chocolate or popcorn from the concession stand! Win or lose, nothing says Fall like high school football.

2. Go Apple Picking

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One of our recent trivia questions on the Get Up Show revealed that 25% of people are most excited about going apple picking in the Fall. I must admit, I've never been to an apple orchard, so I need to find one! Taking a big bite of an apple fresh off the tree and indulging in some hot apple cider sounds like soon Fall will be running through your veins.

3. Take In A Pumpkin Patch

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Most of us just grab a pumpkin at the store when it's time to carve one for Halloween, but have you ever gone to a patch to pick your own? Not only is there a large, beautiful selection of pumpkins, gourds, and cornstalks for your home decor, the patch itself makes a gorgeous backdrop for some fun Fall photos! Maybe it's all that orange, but it seems everyone looks happier in a pumpkin patch!

4. Visit A Haunted Trail

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When is the last time you had the daylights scared out of you at a haunted trail or haunted house? We used to love to visit them as teens, but somewhere along the line, we got too busy to get scared. Make a plan to go with friends or your older kids - there are tons of great trails in the area put on by professional fright masters. Or, if you're feeling really daring, grab a flashlight and head out into the woods with a couple of brave souls and see where it takes you...

5. Visit A Corn Maze

Corn Maze
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A Corn Maze is another thing we loved as kids but we just can't find the time to do as adults. Make some time and get lost! There's not a better stress reliever than getting away from your electronics and using your wits to figure your way out of a giant maze. But if you see a small child yelling, "Malachi!"...RUN!

I'm going to make myself a promise to do at least a couple of things on this list while Fall is in full swing and remind myself just what makes Fall so special! Which ones are you going to do? Got any others to add? Hit me up on Facebook or Instagram and let me know your Fall Bucket List!

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