Just For Fun: Charley's 5 Things!

Time to rock that Summer playlist!
Young friends jumping into the lake off a pier
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The lake is my happy place. Growing up, our summer family weekends and vacations were spent on water. I could swim before I could walk (water-skiing was another matter altogether, however). I'm so glad that my love of the water has continued through my adulthood, and that I'm lucky to have friends and a boyfriend who all love the lake as much as I do!

When everyone arrives at "the spot" the first question you should ask is, "Who brought the tunes?" Summertime playlists need energy and fun (save Drivers' License for wine night). Here are 5 of my all-time favorite Summer-centric rock songs to liven up any day...and night! at the lake. Jump in!!

1. Summertime Girls - Y&T

This one sounds even better cranked up on your boat speakers than it does on the ones in your car! It's a little sleazy, a lot steamy, and pure summer fun.

2. 99 In The Shade - Bon Jovi

Yes, they're my favorite band in the world, so I had to include a song by Bon Jovi! This band is at it's absolute best when the energy is high and the party doesn't stop. 99 In The Shade epitomizes all of that. Play it loud!

3. Boys Of Summer - Don Henley

The ultimate Summer song. This song came out in 1984 and to this day, I'm not tired of it. It honestly lands on my Top Songs of All Time list, so why wouldn't I include it on this one? Driving in the wind, sunglasses, love, and heat. What else does a Summer song need?

4. Sausolito Summernight - Diesel

This is definitely the most obscure song on the list. You've either never heard of it or you love it...there's no in between! With a sweet guitar lick and a story of getting wild with your friends cruising on a hot Summer night, this song deserves more love on Summertime playlists!

5. Summer Nights - Van Halen

5150 came out the Summer after I got my drivers' license, so this song got worn out on my Jeep stereo! It still reminds me of carefree nights with nowhere to go & all the fun to be had. Just hearing it brings those days back and we're all 16 again!

There are a million great Summer songs out there that belong in your music rotation...it is the season of fun, after all! But I guarantee all of these on this list will get the the vibe right and the good times flowing.

Of course, the easiest thing to do is just keep it on Simon all Summer and you'll hear these songs and more! Got a few more we should be playing? Hit me up on Facebook or Instagram and let me know!

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