Five For Fighting's John Ondrasik releases song in support of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

'This Superman Ukrainian'
Volodymyr Zelensky
Photo credit Pavlo Conchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
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Los Angeles-born songwriter, producer, and philanthropist Vladimir John Ondrasik III, best known by his stage name Five For Fighting, has offered up a new track dedicated to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

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The new track, titled "Can One Man Save The World?," highlights the superhuman strength and determination that the comedian-turned-president, and now defender of democracy in Europe and beyond, has displayed in the face of a prolonged invasion by his country's Russian neighbors. Listen to the song below, featuring powerful lyrics such as: "Who is this comedian / His audience more mice than men / This Superman Ukrainian / I don’t know. Great grandson of the Holocaust / An Eastern heart the West has lost / Nail or carry up his cross / I don’t know."

In the description for his lyric video on YouTube, Ondrasik says, "Like so many of you, I am inspired and in awe of President Zelenskyy, his wife Olena, and the Ukrainian people. Their courage and determination in the face of the Russian onslaught gives hope and fortitude to all freedom loving people. In Zelensky I sense we are witnessing a modern day, Winston Churchill. It may make you ask yourself; Can One Man Save The World?"

While fans know platinum-selling, GRAMMY-nominated Five For Fighting's top 40 hits like 2001's "Superman (It's Not Easy)," 2003's "100 Years," and 2006's "The Riddle," Ondasik's previous release before this was 2021's single “Blood on My Hands,” morally protesting against the United States' withdrawal from Afghanistan, and a related docu-series called Meet The Heroes. Aside from his songwriting, Ondrasik created a charity website in 2007 which has raised over $250,000 for non-profits such as Augie's Quest, Autism Speaks, Fisher House Foundation, Save the Children, and Operation Homefront. Also, with the USO, Ondrasik has performed numerous times for U.S. military service members overseas and supported American troops with five CDs for the Troops featuring artists from all genres between 2007 and 2011. In February 2022 Ondrasik joined Tom Morello and others on the song "God Help Us All," about the plight of female students suffering in Afghanistan.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Pavlo Conchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images