Allen Iverson: 'I Love MJ, but LeBron James Is the One'

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Did Allen Iverson just change his mind and call LeBron James the GOAT over Michael Jordan?

The Sixers' Hall Of Famer joined Fat Joe on his Instagram show this week and made headlines with this quote.

"I'm not gonna fight it," Iverson said. "As much as I love Michael Jordan, like dawg, man LeBron James is the one dawg. He the one, man. That motherf---er is the one."

It is worth noting Iverson also called Kevin Durant "the one," and him using "the one" is a lot different than him using "The GOAT."

In 2018, here's what AI said, per CBS Sports.

"Man….. listen. First of all, I love LeBron. I have nothing but love for LeBron. That's the best player of his generation, one of the best ever, a great husband, great father, great role model, and it's even beyond that: What he's doing with that school in Akron?? It's a beautiful thing. But y'all. We're talking about Mike. We're talking about Mike, O.K.?? We're talking about Black Jesus himself. And I don't really have much more to say beyond that. Mike is the GOAT……. Mike is always going to be the GOAT. And please don't even insult me with any of this "stats, AI!" business, like you have a chance of changing my mind."

Iverson has a unique perspective because he's played against Michael Jordan toward the tail end of his career and LeBron James at the beginning of his. To be honest, Iverson -- just like the rest of us -- probably changes his mind on this topic all of the time!

Speaking of GOATs and Iverson, AI was voted the G.O.A.T. of Broad Street over the last 50 years last month by Philadelphia fans.

Iverson posted this on his Instgram account. 

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