“I Adulted” Calendar Rewards Adults With Stickers For Doing Simple Tasks

Adults with emoji faces
Photo credit Photo By Getty Images

Today’s generation finds it so hard to be an adult that they need to be reminded they did a good job with stickers. 

Amazon now sells a calendar that does just that. The “I Adulted!” 16-month wall calendar 2019-2020 rewards adults with stickers for completing everyday tasks such as, “I recycled!” “I wasn’t late!” “I went to the gym!” and “I ate a salad!” You know the stuff you shouldn't be reminded to do. 

We all have someone in our lives that could use this daily. The “I Adulted” calendar comes with 100 removable stickers, and you can pre-order the calendar today for only $11 on Amazon. You might have to wait a bit before using it as the calendar goes on sale in June, while the first month on the calendar is September 2019. 

Definitely makes for the perfect gag gift for the struggling adult in your life. 

Via: New York Post