9-Year-Old Running In 5K Takes Wrong Turn, Ends Up Coming In 1st Place In 10K Race

Female Runner
Photo credit Photo By Getty Images

That’s one way to come in first place. 

Kade Lovell is a 9-year-old who is an experienced runner. Last weekend his mother became worried when she didn’t see him cross the finish line at the 5K fun run. Turns out he was crossing the finish line for the 10K race instead. 

While Kade's mom Heather Lovell was freaking out about her son's whereabouts, a spectator called her brother-in-law, who was in the race, to let him know there was a little kid who was running really well in the 10K race.

According to Kade, a woman told him to keep going straight as he approached a turn so he did. 

Kade ended up finishing first overall in little over 48 minutes, a whole minute faster than the 40-year-old who came in second place. His mom said he probably did better than he normally does because he was trying to finish while in panic mode.