Tennessee Transportation Dept. Quotes Christmas Vacation To Warn Distracted Drivers

Holiday Road trip
Photo credit Photo By Getty Images

Some drivers need to be reminded to stay off their phones; especially while everybody is hitting the road to visit family for the holidays. 

The Tennessee Department of Transportation wanted to keep things fun and warn their drivers to stay off their phones in the best way possible. They used their overhead signboards to quote National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. 

Tennessee Highway Patrol posted a photo of their sign quoting cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation. “Cousin Eddie says Twitters full, put down the phone.”

Jennifer Flynn, a spokesperson for TDOT says the message is sure to put drivers in the Christmas spirit. 

“A lot of people have the lines memorized from Christmas Vacation so everyone kind of knows what that means and it kind of will hopefully give people a little bit of a chuckle. Of course, on the flip side, we do have people who don’t like it, but we can’t please everyone.” 
Via: FOX News