Dax Shepard Says He Wants To Play Joe Exotic In A ‘Tiger King' Biopic

Dax Shepard
Photo credit Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

While we’re all hunkered down in our homes practicing social distancing, Netflix has been pumping out new content for us to binge-watch. 

One of the latest shows to capturing our attention is ‘Tiger King’, a true-crime documentary series that follows former tiger breeder and convicted criminal, Joe Exotic. 

'Tiger King' debuted earlier this week and is already one of the most talked-about shows on social media. The new series has even caught the eyes of a few actors. Dax Shepard has come out and said on Twitter that he would love to play Joe Exotic if a biopic ever gets made. 

Soon after posting, several other A-list actors chimed in saying they would like the chance to Joe Exotic as well. 

It seems like there are a lot of actors who would be interested in making a ‘Tiger King’ biopic. At this point a movie has to get made, right? Who would you like to see play Joe Exotic? 

Via: Movie Web