California Based Fatburger Is Coming To Dallas

Two burgers
Photo credit Photo By Getty Images

There’s a new burger joint coming to Texas.

California based Fatburger plans on bringing their burger franchise the Lone Star State. The company FAT Brands Inc. plans on opening 25 new restaurants across the state, with a focus on Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. 

FAT Brands CEO Andy Wiederhorn said in a statement, 

"The great state of Texas has spoken, and we are answering by developing 25 new Fatburger locations for the market. We are thrilled to offer our delicious, homemade burgers to Texans for many years to come."

If your thinking this is just another In-N-Out, you better think again. Not only are patties at Fatburger are bigger; you can add way more toppings such as bacon, cheese, chili, onion rings, and a fried egg. 

Fatburger also offers turkey burgers, veggie burgers, 13 different flavors of chicken wings, and both French fries and sweet potato fries. 

They may sound better than In-N-Out, but they can’t top Whataburger. 

Via: Culture Map Dallas