Latest Viral Challenge Has People Online Eating Cereal Out Of Each Other’s Mouths

Photo credit nensuria

Most online viral challenges are fun and entertaining, but every once in a while one comes around that is just wrong. The cereal challenge has many online disgusted as people are now eating cereal out of each other’s mouths. The challenge has one person lay one their back, and treat their mouth like a bowl, as the other eats cereal and milk out of it.

It is unknown how this challenge got started, but in the last few days many social media personalities have attempted the latest online craze. While some have performed the act without issue, many have struggled leading commenters to ridicule the challenge as dangerous. Others have just been upset about losing their breakfast cravings.

With all these failed challenges, hopefully the #cerealchallenge comes to an end soon. This gross act has many comparing the viral challenge to 2018’s Tide Pod Challenge. Though no one has been severely injured by this challenge, the Internet has luckily deemed it too gross to continue.

Via Fox News