Ryan Reynolds Distracts Will Ferrell During His SNL Monologue

Will Ferrell
Photo credit Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for LACMA

Will Ferrell couldn’t keep it together when he saw Ryan Reynolds sitting in the crowd. 

The former cast member hosted Saturday Night Live, he kicked off his monologue in spectacular fashion. Ferrell was doing just fine until he spotted someone who looked oddly familiar sitting right in front of him.

'Deadpool' star Ryan Reynolds just happened to pop in for visit. Ferrell went on to say that he was a huge fan of Reynolds, his presence alone distracted Will from continuing his monologue. To help him stay on track Ferrell brought out Tracy Morgan. 

Will Ferrell’s opening monologue is definitely one of the funniest this season so far. Check out the clip down below. 

Via: E! News