Video Shows Teacher Breaking Down In Tears After His Students Replaced His Stolen Nikes

Nike Shoes
Photo credit Photo by Maja Hitij/Getty Images

Any shoe aficionado knows Nikes are extremely valuable and aren’t cheap. 

A video has now gone viral of an unnamed teacher in Nebraska breaking down in tears from the gift his students gave him. The teacher recently had his favorite pair Nikes stolen from him, what no one expected was his students to chip in and surprise him with a brand new pair. 

The shoes in question were a pair of Nike Zoom KD12 basketball shoes, which retail close to $115. 

The video starts with the teacher reading the card from all of his students, as he starts to open his gift he realizes what's in the box and slowly begins to cry. the clip ends with his students giving him a big hug.

Grab a tissue and check out the video below. 

Via: New York Post