Teenager’s Science Fair Project May Have Solved The Car Blind Spot Problem

Photo credit RkaKoka

Blind spots created by the side panels of a wind shield can be extremely dangerous on the road, especially for cyclists. While many car companies are working on solutions to this problem, a teenager may have just solved the problem for her science fair project. Using a webcam and a projector, the Pennsylvania teen figured out how to eliminate a car’s wind shield blind spot.

Alaina Glassler, a 14 year old from West Grove, Pennsylvania came up with her inventive idea after watching her mother struggle with blind spots. Using a webcam on the outer roof pillar of a car, and a projector to display the live feed from the webcam, Glassler was able to show what was being covered by the pillars. She used 3D-printed parts aligning the image exactly between the window and the windshield.

The effective method to eliminating blind spots won Glassler the top award at the Broadcom Masters science and engineering competition for middle schoolers. She was awarded $25,000 for her win and may even help cars eliminate blind spots. Using simple and affordable materials, Glassler’s project may one day make its way to commercial vehicles.

Via Yahoo!