The Richest Woman In The World Lives In Fort Worth

Photo Credit: Keith Myers/Kansas City Star/MCT/Sipa USA
Photo credit Photo Credit: Keith Myers/Kansas City Star/MCT/Sipa USA

For DFWers who love Fort Worth more than Dallas, it's another check mark in your column.

The richest woman in the world (11th overall) lives in Fort Worth: and she keeps a pretty low profile.  Alice Walton has an estimated net worth of $51.4 billion: because she's one of the heirs to the Walmart fortune.

Walton is a part of the richest family in the world with a total net worth of $208 billion.

Here's where everybody else falls on The Forbes 400:

1) Jeff Bezos-Amazon ($114 Billion)

2) Bill Gates-Microsoft ($106 Billion)

3) Warren Buffett-Berkshire Hathaway ($80.8 Billion)

4) Mark Zuckerberg-Facebook ($69.6 Billion)

5) Larry Ellison-Software ($65 Billion)

6) Larry PageGoogle ($55.5 Billion)

7) Sergey Brin-Google ($53.5 Billion)

8) Michael Bloomberg-Bloomberg LP ($53.4 Billion)

9) Steve Ballmer-Microsoft ($51.7 Billion)

10) Jim Walton-Walmart ($51.6 Billion)

11) Alice Walton-Walmart ($51.4 Billion)

12) Rob Walton-Walmart ($51.3 Billion)

13) Charles Koch-Koch Industries ($41 Billion)

13) Julia Koch & Family-Koch Industries ($41 B)

15) MacKenzie ($36.1 B)

Source: CultureMap Dallas