Tommy Lee Got In To A Twitter Feud With Chef Emeril Lagasse

Tommy Lee
Photo credit Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Glazer Palooza

Last week Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee tried to dine in at Chef Emeril Lagasse’s New Orleans restaurant Delmonico. When Lee arrived he was told that he needed to remove his hat as part of the restaurant's dress code.

Lee didn’t agree with the dress code but later removed his hat. According to Lee the staff kept giving him a hard time about the hat and decided to leave early. He then took to Twitter to air his grievance. 

Two days later Chef Emeril finally responded to Tommy’s tweet. He went on to compare the hat incident to the hype surrounding Popeye’s new chicken sandwich. 

The New Orleans restaurant gave a statement about had happened with Lee. 

"Tommy Lee was kindly asked by our hostess to remove his hat after being brought to his table at Emeril’s Delmonico. Tommy became aggravated, voicing his dissatisfaction with our policy and chose to leave after being asked by management to curb his profanity out of respect of our staff and guests."

Via: Delish