Urban Dictionary Adds New Word ‘Covidiot’ For Spring Breakers Who Refuse To Practice Social Distancing

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That didn’t take very long.

There’s now a word for those who refuse to practice the proper preventative measures during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In light of all the spring breakers who were out partying on the beach and ignoring social distancing rules, Urban Dictionary coined the word, “Covidiot”.

The definition of Covidiot: “Someone who ignores the warnings regarding public health or safety.”

To help us understand how to use the word, Urban Dictionary used ‘covidiot’ in a sentence. 

“Are you seriously going to visit grandma? Dude, don’t be such a covidiot.” 

They also describe covidiot as someone who hoards food and household goods from their neighbors. 

“Did you see that covidiot with 300 rolls of toilet paper in his basket?”

Right now covidiot is one of the top trending words on Urban Dictionary. 

Via: New York Post