Cadbury Picks Henri The English Bulldog To Be The New Cadbury Bunny

English Bulldog
Photo credit Photo By Dreamstime

Are you ready to meet Cadbury’s new bunny? 

After 35 years, Cadbury will be replacing their iconic clucking bunny. The company best known for their chocolate cream-filled Easter eggs went through more than 4,000 different entries for their “Bunny Tryouts” competition. 

Wouldn’t you want to have the job of going through all those cute animal pictures? 

The cutest pet they could find was Henri the English Bulldog from Wilmington, North Carolina. Just look at all those rolls, no wonder he won he's just so cute.

According to Henri’s Instagram, he’s an aspiring model, actor and extraordinaire who likes to fetch balls, sleep and play dress-up. You’ll get to see plenty of Henri next month when Cadbury’s new ad premiers just before Easter. 

Henri and his family will receive $5,000 from Cadbury, the company also donated $10,000 to the ASPCA in honor of the competition.

Via: New York Post