A Comical Parody Cover of ‘Ice Ice Baby’ About Corona

Laughing little girl high fives dentist at dental clinic
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Dr. Milad Shadrooh is better known as the comical “Singing Dentist.” He is from the U.K. and recently posted a parody cover of Vanilla Ice’s famous “Ice Ice Baby” song and converted it to “Virus..... Baby.”. His purpose behind the song was to spread a message of laughter and advice during the coronavirus pandemic.

He changed the lyrics to fit the coronavirus theme. The hilarious song includes lines such as “stop, self-isolate and listen, COVID’s back it’s a brand new virus, it grabs a hold of you tightly, grips like a harpoon yeah it’s frightening”. He also changed the original line of “ice, ice baby” with the phrase “corona-virus baby”.

Check out his latest parody to the song “Ice Ice Baby,” below:

The Singing Dentist is known for delivering viral video parodies to songs aimed to educate the public, and bring some fun into dentistry. He is a dentist who does all types of general dental work and treats people of all ages.

Dr Shadrooh said: “This recent video has gone crazy. I’ve had viral hits before and it’s all about trying to help people while giving them a bit of fun at the same time.”

He continued to explain his doubts on releasing this song, “But with the coronavirus I didn’t know where to go initially because I didn’t want it to seem like I was trying to lessen the significance of the disease.”

“I was reluctant to do something that may appear making light of the virus but the video is about just trying to stay positive, keeping people entertained and spreading that message of what to do in the crisis.”

The audience seems to enjoy ‘Virus...Baby’ it has accumulated more than five millions views. The video has a comical distraction and helps share some laughter during this difficult time.

Here is in hopes that this song will bring a smile to those struggling to cope with this virus outbreak.

Via:  Express