Online Calculator Shows People How Much Money They Are Saving While Quarantined

Photo credit Kritchanut

With so many people stuck at home under quarantine, it’s been pretty difficult to find a positive outlook. However one positive of the current situation is; with restaurants and bars closed, and most people no longer traveling to work, people are actually saving money. Now, has created an online calculator to help show people how much money they are saving while quarantined.

Under normal circumstances, one of the biggest issues people face on average is not saving enough money. Now, has created a way to show people how much their households saving by changing their eating and travel habits. “We realized that if there’s maybe a little positive to the quarantine it is that you get to save a little money on things like gas, eating out, and childcare,” the website says.

The calculator consists of five questions about eating and travel habits, along with how many people live in a household. Using the national averages for childcare and food, the calculator is able to determine how much money is being saved by staying home. While it’s been hard for many to find the positives of being stuck at home, at least it could lead to better spending habits in the future.