Former Private Investigator Now Works As A “Coffin Confessor” Fulfilling People’s Odd Funeral Requests

Photo credit Kayla James

There are many people in the world working what some might deem as odd job, but someone has to do the dirty work. While most of these jobs seem a lot harder to stomach than others, some just make people wonder how anyone could make a career out of that particular activity. Now, a new odd job has been revealed that some people think they may be perfect for; coffin confessor.

Bill Edgar is a former private investigator who has seemingly stumbled into a new career that has apparently begun to take off. It all began two years ago when he was paid to go to an elderly man’s funeral in order to interrupt by telling his best friend eh man knew he was trying to sleep with his wife. Since then, Edgar claims to have worked nearly 20 funerals, taking a number of odd requests.

Edgar says most of his work comes from clearing out the dead’s more embarrassing possessions. Some other odd requests he’s answered include; going to a biker’s funeral to tell everyone he was gay and dressing up as Homer Simpson at a man’s funeral. For those wanting one last request in life, Edgar will make sure it gets fulfilled.

Via Daily Mail