Coors Light To Send People To The Locations Used As Their Zoom Background

Photo credit Scott Olson / Staff

When people first started working from home, Zoom backgrounds quickly became the way to add personality and spice things up. While some kept it professional, and others went for laughs, plenty of people chose the scenic backgrounds of their dream vacation. Now, Coors Light has announced plans to send five lucky winners to their Zoom background destination.

The new Coors Light contest is now open, and all people have to do to enter is send in a photo of themselves with a video chat background. “After all this time at home, we’re all a little guilty of daydreaming about the trips we’ll take in the future. This campaign gives people something to look forward to, and it might just help to keep our daydreaming in check,” said Coors’ vice president of marketing, Marcelo Proenca Pascoa.

Anyone 21 or older can enter the contest, and submissions will be accepted up until October 1st. The winner’s will be randomly selected, and they will get to choose the background destination of their choice. Not a bad way to finally get to leave the house.

Via Fox News