Stouffers Announces New ‘Mac On Tap’ Mac And Cheese Dispenser

Photo credit D-Huss

Every once in a while a new innovation is introduced to the world that changes civilization for the better. While usually these come in the form of technology, medicine or science the latest example is all about food. Mac and cheese lovers everywhere were floored this week as Stouffers introduced their latest product, ‘Mac on Tap.’

Combining the love many have for both mac and cheese and alcohol, the ‘Mac on Tap’ is a mac and cheese dispenser that delivers Stouffers mac and cheese straight from the tap. Announced in a press release by Stouffers, the new promotion will be unveiled on July 14th, National Mac and Cheese day. Stouffers is still looking for the location of where they will place their Mac on Tap.

In addition to the mac and cheese dispenser, Stouffers will also be starting a new campaign that gives fans the chance to share their ideas for mac and cheese social media, and potentially have them come to fruition. With the new ‘Mac on Tap,’ mac and cheese has never been more convenient.

Via Deli Market News