Seven Cities In Texas Land On The List Of Top 150 Cities To Live In During A Pandemic

Photo credit PIKSEL

As most Texans will claim, there are a number of things the Lone Star state does better than anywhere else in the country. Now, Texas has claimed yet another top spot in a list looking for the best cities to live in during a pandemic. Not only did Texas land the top spot on the list, but seven cities total made the list of 150 cities.

The recent survey, done by, looked at Community safety, health and wellness, quality of life and financial safety in order to determine the best places to be stuck at home. Of the 150 cities on the list Frisco, Texas was number one, with six other Texas cities following throughout the list. Along with Frisco; McKinney placed third, Plano in eighth, Grand Prairie was 17th, Garland at 43rd, Irving at 55th, and finally Arlington at 85th.

“This is something I never thought I’d see out there as far as best city in a pandemic,” said Tony Felker, President of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. While staying at home has been tough for many, those in these cities at least don’t have it too bad. Luckily, that doesn’t mean they have to stop complaining about their situation.