Practical Tips To Avoid Getting Bit By Mosquitoes This Summer

Photo credit frank600

There are plenty of theories as to why mosquitoes bite some people more than others. However, when summer comes each year, mosquito bites seem unavoidable for most. For those that can’t stop being bit, research has found some practical tips to avoid mosquitoes this summer.

There are a number of reasons mosquitos go after some more than others. Research has shown that things such as higher blood temperature, stress levels, or amount of cholesterol on the skin’s surface could attract mosquitoes to an individual. Aspects like wearing dark clothing, drinking alcohol or even being pregnant could lead to more mosquito bites as well.

For those who may have some of the attributes, some things they can do to avoid mosquito bites are; showering after exercise, wearing long sleeve, light colored clothing, and of course using repellent. “A mosquito’s ability to find human hosts is annoyingly accurate,” said Kyle Adelman, senior marketing manager at Thermacell® Repellents, Inc. While these tips may be helpful, in the end for most mosquito bites are inevitable.

Via MTL Times