Website Goes Viral For Job Posting Looking Only For Applicants Named Karen

Photo credit yourstockbank

Things haven’t been too easy for people named Karen lately. With the name becoming synonymous with negativity, a once completely normal name has become a pop culture phenomenon. Luckily, Karen’s will now have a chance to profit off their newly purposed name, as a website is looking for employees for a specific Karen related task., a website that reviews humidifiers, is looking for people named Karen to write three honest reviews for their website a week, for 65$ per hour. According to the job post, the website is looking for applicants that “speak English fluently and write it well, have fantastic customer service skills (an awesome telephone voice is also desirable!) and enough room at home to test out some brilliant products.”

The reviews aren’t the only aspect of the job, as the website hopes to launch a “Call-A-Karen service” as well. Applications are currently being accepted on their website, and will run through August 31st. Finally, Karen’s will have a way to turn the negativity of their name around.

Via Yahoo!