Video Goes Viral Showing The Extremely Easy Hack To Get Stains Out Of Tupperware

Photo credit debbiehelbing

Viral hacks that make household chores simple and easy are possibly one of the internet’s greatest achievements. It seems a new trick to simplifying tasks is always right around the corner and the latest one has people wondering how they are just now discovering this move. The viral video shows how to get stains out of Tupperware, and apparently the simple trick actually works.

While some of the lifestyle hacks that go viral aren’t always as easy as they seem in the video, according to many who have since tried it, the latest hack actually works. In the video, TikTok user Adi Kempler explains all that is needed to get stains out of Tupperware is dish soap, warm water, and torn-up bits of paper towel. Close the lid and shake for 45 seconds, and the stains will come off the Tupperware.

Many online have already tried the new hack and claim it does indeed work. “My stepmom actually showed [the trick] to me. She’s been doing it for years prior to getting nicer glass containers, so she gave me the tip when I was having trouble getting rid of stains," said Kempler. With this new trick, Tupperware is about to last a lot longer.

Via Buzzfeed