Woman Charging Men $50 To Rate Their Package In Order To Improve Sex Life

Photo credit AndreyPopov

There are many jobs that seem like they would be difficult to sustain a full time career doing. However, when it comes to sex; there can never be too many professionals dishing out advice on how they can improve their bedroom game. Now, a woman from Australia has gone viral with her service of rating men’s penises in order to better improve their sex life.

Lahnee Pavlovich is a sex educator and lifestyle coach from Australia, who has recently, began a new career giving men sex advice based on the shape and size of their penis. She charges $50, but promises to deliver a thorough “Rate Your Rooster Report.” Through an image of the package, Pavlovich is able to give advice on sexual positions along with providing hygiene advice and anatomy information.

“People don’t always understand exactly what it is I do and sex is still such a taboo topic so they don’t know how to ask about it either,” said Pavlovich. She is currently working on her Master’s in sexology. Hopefully soon the combination of education and professional experience can take her sex advice to the next level.

Via Mirror