Army Sargent Is Reunited With The Dog He Cared For In Iraq

Solider & Dog
Photo credit Photo By Dreamstime

When you’re deployed overseas you end up making some of the most unlikely friendships. 

During Sgt. Kevyn Solarez' third deployment to Iraq, he encountered a two-month-old shepherd mix pup. The two instantly connected and made each other’s life a little easier. 

Kevyn told FOX 7 News that he met his furry companion during the holiday season, which can be a little tough for some. “When you're deployed around the holidays, everyone gets a little low. Morale drops down a little bit because everybody wants to be home with their families, and it just so happened that's when Josie walked up to our front gate.” 

Kevyn looked after Josie for about two months, he would give her some of his food and she would keep him happy during his deployment. “For about two months, half of my food, for every meal I would get, that's what she was eating.”

When the time came to return, home Kevyn couldn’t stand the idea of leaving little Josie behind with no one to look after her. With the help of the SPCA International, the two were reunited in Texas after being separated for 45 days. Check out a picture of the two down below.

According to Kevyn one of his fellow soldiers adopted Josie’s brother who will be flying back in the coming days. The two have already made plans to have a small reunion for their dogs.