Have You Ever Traveled Across The Country To Reunite With Your Favorite Dogs?

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In our past life, my son and myself lived in Los Angeles. 

It wasn't easy making friends, or meeting new people there with our schedules. However, we did see our neighbors quite a bit. They were really great people, but they had these two dogs. One was named Margaret, and one Tyrone. Margaret was a 3 year old pug when we met her, and Tyrone was 6 year old chocolate lab. 

We started to realize every morning when we would come outside to head to school Margaret and Tyrone would come to the fence and just sit there and watch us. 

My son took it upon himself to start greeting them every once in a while. 

It then became a little more frequent, which triggered me to start taking morning photos. 

Image 1

There were never any treats given, just some good old fashioned pets, and some "Good Dog" statements. 

Image 2

Some selfies happened.. 

Image 3

Before we knew it, we had worked in saying good morning to Margaret and Tyrone every single morning, and every single night when we got home.

Image 4

But the inevitable happened. We moved. 

We said goodbye to Margaret and Tyrone. 

... until this past weekend. We jumped on a plane to California. Jumped in a car, and headed over to see how these two loves were holding up. 

We had no idea if they still lived there, and if they did, would they be outside?

My son was beyond excited. He gets out of the car, walks up to the fence.. yells their names, and we see one little pug body waddle towards the fence. not long after, here comes Tyrone! They both remembered him, and I cried like a crazy person. It was seriously adorable. 

Here's the result

Image 5