Burger King Launches ‘Unhappy’ Meals For When You Wake Up “Feeling Crappy”

Burger King, Restaurant, Clouds, Blue Sky, Greencastle
Photo credit (Photo by Markell DeLoatch, Public Opinion)

Burger King latest innovation aims to take a jab at their competitor’s famous “Happy Meals.”

“Real Meals” are meals for when you wake up feeling “crappy” according to the fast food chain, because “not everyone wakes up happy.”  Real Meals are a collection of foods for all your moods, including “sad, scared [or> crappy” according to an advertisement released by the chain.  The Real Meals come in five different flavors, “Pissed Meal, Yaaas Meal, DGAF Meal, Salty Meal, and Blue Meal.”

Burger King is launching Real Meals in a partnership with Mental Health America, community-based nonprofit that addresses that needs of people living with mental illness, and promotes mental health for all Americans.

Via People