High School Senior Honors Father Killed In Afghanistan With "Angel" Photo Shoot

Roses, American Flag, Fallen Soldier
Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)

Captain Robert Yllescas of the US Army was killed in Afghanistan in 2008, when an IED exploded near his unit.

Over a decade later, his daughter Julia wanted to make sure her father was included, and honored, in her senior photos.

Susanne Beckmann had been photographing Julia since she was a kid, and she was able to incorporate Capt. Robert into her senior photo shoot, adding him in uniform standing next to his daughter.  Beckmann, a military wife herself, thought the sentiment was beautiful.  She said, "I thought it would be a great idea to do these angel pictures for her as a special gift for her big milestone and to her family.  I take a lot of pictures of military families and it is always an honor for me to capture their special memories."

Julia said when she first saw the completed photos, "It looked so real, that he was truly there.  I was actually at a dance camp and my mom had texted me the pictures, and I was actually on break, and so I stepped outside to look at the pictures, and I just had to recollect myself before I could go back inside."

Though it's been over a decade, Julia knows her father is never truly gone.  She wears a necklace she received one Christmas morning that has the words “love daddy” inscribed on it in his handwriting.

Via Fox 4