Pennsylvania Town Drops A 400 Pound Peep To Ring In The New Year

Marshmallow, Peep, Candy, Easter, Sugar

While most towns celebrate the New Year with a giant crystal ball, the town of Bethlehem, PA likes to do things a little bit differently.  

To ring in the New Year, in lieu of a crystal ball, the town drops a 400lb Peep, the popular Easter candy shaped like a bird.

Bethlehem is home to the Peep factory, and celebrates the candy annually with “PeepsFest” at the end of every year.  A Peeps spokesperson said of the ceremony, “The Peeps Chick is an iconic symbol that represents the Peeps brand, our company and our community…We look forward to celebrating with fans, some of who travel from all over the country, at PeepsFest!

Via The Takeout