University Sends Hundreds Of Rejected Applicants Acceptance Letters By Mistake

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The University of South Florida St. Petersburg is calling it a “human error.”

Whatever the case may be, we feel horrible for the 430 of students affected by the mistake.

USFSP accidentally sent acceptance letters to hopeful students who actually did not get into the institution.   The email addressed to the prospective students read, “Once again, congratulations on your admission to USFSP!  We are excited to welcome you to the university and very proud of all that you have accomplished so far.”

Not even an hour later, those students received a second email from the university that read, “There was an error in the system.  Please disregard the previous email.”

USFSP’s chancellor blamed the mistake on “human error,” adding, “We regret it.”  

A spokesperson for the school said a staff member apparently mistook a list of applicants for a list of accepted candidates, and sent the email in error.

Via NY Daily News