[Video] Drivers Stop After Armored Truck Spills $175,000 On Interstate

Photo credit halduns

Everyone hopes for the day all their problems are solved by money miraculously falling form the sky. Well, drivers in Atlanta Tuesday night were treated to a rarity, after an armored truck’s door flew open, spilling cash all over the highway. Driver’s quickly pulled over to get their share of the seemingly free money.

According to Dunwoody Police, the armored truck lost an estimated $175,000 in the accident. Police responded to the call at 8 P.M. Tuesday night, but 15 cars had already stopped to collect some money. “Officers and the truck crew gathered a few hundred dollars that was still there when officers arrived, but plenty was taken," said the Dunwoody Police.

While many were thrilled at the chance to collect free money, now the videos taken by people on the highway is being used as evidence. Apparently it is a crime to keep the money that spilled out of the armored truck. “"If the money is turned in, we will not criminally charge those who do the right thing," said Dunwoody Police spokesperson, Sgt. Robert Parsons.

Collecting the money, and not returning it may be a crime, but that didn’t stop many on social media form sharing their jealousy for those that were lucky enough to be on the highway at that time. The large money spill has since been picked up, thanks to the many drivers that stopped to collect. The police are still looking to collect the rest, but this one might just go down as a loss.