The Fort Worth Animal Shelter Is At Capacity And Needs Your Help

Photo credit LexiTheMonster

The Fort Worth Animal Shelter is in need of some help. On Wednesday the shelter sent out a call for people looking to adopt or potential shelter an animal. According to the shelter there has been a recent influx in animals over the last few days.

Over the last four days, there have been 266 animals entering the Fort Worth Animal Shelter, with 94 on Tuesday alone. They now currently have over 650 animals being housed and fed in the shelter, along with receiving medical treatment. Even with their constant efforts to place these animals in the right home, the numbers of animals coming in continues to rise.

That is why the shelter is asking for people looking to add an animal to their home to adopt. They also say fostering a pet is a good alternative for those who can’t commit to adopting a pet. According to Dr. Tim Morton, “Fostering opens up kennel space to make room for the steady intake of new pets coming into the shelter each day. Right now, every single kennel is priceless.”

The Fort Worth Animal Shelter’s main location is at 4900 Martin St, and is open every day from noon to six P.M. Adoption fees are $10, and come with vaccinations, microchips and spay/neutering. Those interested in fostering can fill out an application here.