Nike Announces New Shoe-Subscription Service For Kids

Photo credit Ethan Miller / Staff

Kids are constantly growing out of their clothes, but Nike may have just come up with the solution to one of the biggest problems parents face. Nike announced on Monday they are launching a subscription based sneaker program for kids. The program will allow parents to pay a monthly fee in exchange for multiple shoes per year.

Nike announced on Monday, the new subscription sneaker program for kids, Nike Adventure Club, will begin this week, just in time for the back to school rush. The program, which targets parents who need to buy multiple pairs of shoes per year, offers three tiers of options. For either $20, $30, or $50 a month, customers can get shoes monthly, bimonthly or quarterly.

Dave Cobban, the vice president of Nike Adventure Club said in a press release, “We see Nike Adventure Club sits as having a unique place within Nike, and not just for it being the first sneaker club for kids.” The program is hoping to not only give plenty of options for kids, but help parents as well. “It provides a wide range of options for kids, while at the same time, it removes a friction point for parents who are shopping on their behalf," Cobban continued.

The Nike Adventure Club will offer over 100 different styles of sneakers in a variety of sizes. Once a child outgrows the shoe, they can send it back and get a larger size. This program clearly will make both children and their parents very happy.

Via Business Insider