New Skyscraper In Downtown Dallas Will Be The Tallest In Years

Dallas Skyline
Photo credit Photo By Getty Images

If you’ve noticed the Dallas skyline changing in recent months, that’s because there’s a new skyscraper going up. 

According to the Dallas Morning News, this will be the tallest building to go up since 1987 when the 55-story Chase Tower opened. The 45-story apartment high-rise is being built next to the Fountain Place on Field Street in downtown Dallas.

Chicago-based developer Amli Residential hired Austin architect Page Southerland Page Inc. to design the $150 million high-rise. According to the senior principal, Lawrence Speck their goal was to build a matching skyscraper that wasn't a twin but still, “unique and different." 

"This was master-planned a long time ago to have two towers on either side of the garden. We couldn't do a twin — it's a residential tower instead of an office tower. We wanted the buildings to seem like siblings, not twins."

What makes these towers similar will be their shape and the color of glass that will be seen for miles. The new building will take two years to construct.