Police Called On 11-Year-Old With Ice Cold Beer Sign, Turns Out He Was Selling Root Beer

Ice Cold Lemonade Stand
Photo credit Photo By Getty Images

It’s a tough world out there when you’re a kid with a lemonade stand. People can buy soda, lemonade, and water from anywhere, so why should they buy from you? 

One boy in Utah came up with the perfect way to bring people to his soda stand. His idea was so brilliant that he attracted the attention of the local police. 

11-year-old Seth Parker was seen in Brigham City, Utah next to a cooler holding a sign that read ‘Ice Cold Beer’. Police received three different calls saying the boy was selling alcohol. As it turns out the Seth was just selling IBC Root Beer. If you look closely at his sign you can see the small print where root beer is written. 

The police were so impressed with his salesmanship that they all took a picture together. Seth’s dad told Today that business has been booming and that Seth has been serving about 100 customers a day since going viral.