7-Eleven Now Offers Delivery In 27 Cities Including Dallas- Fort Worth

7-Eleven sign
Photo credit (Scott Olson/ Getty Images)

Oh thank Heaven, another reason I don't have to get dressed, drive, wait in line, etc. 

7-Eleven just launched 7NOW, which is an app update that allows consumers to get drop-offs at parks, soccer fields, entertainment venues, and other public locations. Using what the retailer calls "7NOW Pins", the interactive map will locate the user's current location and a courier will bring the pre-selected items directly to the buyer. For example, 7-Eleven said one could order Slurpees in this hot weather for an entire little league team. The driver will deliver the frozen drinks to the baseball complex. It's usually within 30 minutes. 

Currently, the service is available 24/7 and you can get your first three deliveries free. No minimums required. BRB, going to order some energy drinks. 


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