Gavin DeGraw Slipped & Fell On The Ice After Singing The National Anthem At The Stars Game

Gavin DeGraw
Photo credit Photo by Ethan Hyman/Raleigh News & Observer/MCT/Sipa USA

This isn’t the first time someone’s slipped on the ice, and it certainly won’t be the last. 

Singing the national anthem can go two ways; you could do a phenomenal job, or you could butcher it. Singing the national anthem at a hockey game might even be more challenging. Not only is it colder than normal, but you have to make sure you don’t slip on the ice.

That’s exactly what happened when singer Gavin DeGraw took to the ice before the Dallas Stars played the Predators in Nashville on Saturday. DeGraw nailed the national anthem, it was at the very end when he finished and started walking away that he slipped and fell. Check out the footage he posted of himself down below. 

Maybe that’s why the Stars won, slipping on the ice gave the Predators bad luck.

Via: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution