The Top 20 Most Annoying Slang Words In America

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What determines when it's time to retire a phrase? This practice has gone on for centuries, which is why people jokingly say "bee's knees" and cat's meow". 

I've personally told my friend Tammy the joke, "That's what she said" is no longer funny. She disagreed. So, our lingo is all a matter of opinion. Thankfully, OnePoll surveyed 2000 Americans, and 53% of them found slang to be irritating. They compiled a list of the worst ones according to our nation. 



20. Trill

19. Snack

18. Fam

17. Sip/Spill tea

16. Lit

15. Thirsty

14. Peeped

13. Turn up/turnt

12. Clapback

11. Totes

10. SMH

9. Throw shade

8. TFW

7. Stussy

6. Fleek

5. Ghost

4. Gucci

3. Hangry

2. Bae


I'd like to go on record as saying "hangry" is still the GOAT so don't make me clap back at you, fam. For reference, here's a link to Urban Dictionary. ;)

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