Texas Rangers Fan Catches Foul Ball With Nacho Hat, Drenches Fans Below With Cheese

Texas Rangers Fans
Photo credit Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

What a catch!

There’s nothing quite like catching a home run ball or even foul ball at a baseball game. What’s even cooler is when you catch it in your glove or hat. 

One Texas Rangers fan at Sunday’s game caught a foul ball with his hat; only he wasn’t wearing this hat. It was one of those helmet bowls you buy at the concession stand, and his was full of cheesy nachos. 

He broke the plastic bowl when he caught the ball; during his celebration, he failed to realize that he covered everyone below him with nacho cheese. Those fans below him don’t look too happy. 

Check out the hilarious video from Sundays Rangers vs. Tigers game down below. 

Via: For The Win