Video Shows Man Shaving His Head While Seated On An Airplane

Blad Head
Photo credit Photo By Getty Images

Did you know hair clippers were one of the items you're allowed to bring on board an airplane? Apparently, you can. 

Flight attendants recorded video of a passenger shaving his head mid-flight. Yes, the man pulled out the clippers and started shaving the top of his head while he was seated. Can't imagine the other passengers seated in business class were thrilled to see him shaving.

Just when you think the Internets showed us all the crazy, weird things people do on airplanes, this guy went and kicked it up a notch. Why didn’t he just get up and go to the restroom to do this?

The video has been viewed more than 200,000 times so far, check it out below. Let's just hope somebody vacuumed that seat after everyone got off the plane. 

Via: New York Post