This Company Can Take Your Ashes And Press Them Onto A Working Record

Vinyl Record
Photo credit Photo By: Dreamstime

Death is inevitable for us all. Some of us have already started planning how we want to be remembered. Some of us want to be buried, others would like to be cremated and spread across some of the most random of places on earth.    

How would you like to be pressed onto a working vinyl record? 

A company over in the United Kingdom called Andvinyl does just that. They will take your cremated remains and press them onto a record of your choosing. You can have a recorded message pressed on the record, a favorite song, or even both. You’ll have 24 minutes of audio to fill. 

A basic package includes up to 30 discs, original album artwork of your choosing, your name, DOB, and DOD. They even let you choose the color of the record. Prices start at 3,000 British Pounds or about 3,800 USD. It might seem like quite a bit of money, but it might be worth it in the end.  

That’s fine if you think it’s a little creepy to be made into a record after you pass. There some folks out there who would want loved ones to hear them one more time or be shared with those whom they didn’t get a chance to meet.

You can keep on rockin' long after your gone.

Via: Nerdist