Smash Mouth singer Steve Harwell announces retirement amid health-related issues

'Looking forward to counting myself as one of the band’s newest fans'
Steve Harwell of Smash Mouth
Photo credit Getty Images
By , Audacy

Steve Harwell, lead singer of the legendary band Smash Mouth, has officially called it quits following the group's wild concert in New York over the weekend.

Smash Mouth's Harwell made a return to the stage earlier this month after taking a brief pause to take care of an ongoing heart issue, but now it seems his health challenges have become too much for his heart to bear.

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This past weekend, fans witnessed Steve's odd behavior on stage where he was seen slurring words and screaming at the audience. A source close to the band told TMZ that immediately after the show, Harwell was fully aware of the fact that it has become impossible for him to continue to front the group d