Lydia Night talks inspirations behind the upcoming The Regrettes album

"Monday" is out now
Lydia Night
Lydia Night Photo credit Frazer Harrison / Staff

The Regrettes returned Friday with their new single, "Monday," and we caught up with Lydia Night about what inspired the sounds on the upcoming record and much more.

In a tweet from June, the band said they'd be on some "Popstar sh**" on the new record. Lydia explains who she was listening to then and if that is truly what we can expect: "A looot of Charli XCX, The 1975, Joni Mitchell, Gwen Stefani (as always) and Gorillaz. And in our own special way, yes. Absolutely."

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The new song is called "Monday" & Lydia would prefer Mondays off to Fridays when it comes to 3-day weekends:
"Ooooo I'd say Monday just because I remember how awesome that was back in school. It feels like you're cheating the system."

Is there a key to remembering lyrics? "Don't ask me, I forget lyrics at almost every show lol. It's actually ridiculous."

How about life on the road these days. Does she miss being driven around by her dad in his minivan on tour? "I do and I don't. Having a sprinter feels very luxurious and cool space wise, but I miss just having my dad in the front seat in general. He was so sweet for doing that with us and I miss him every day on tour."

And lastly, how does Lydia feel about her friend Olivia Rodrigo becoming 2021's biggest new artist? "The f***ing coolest thing ever. And she deserves every bit of success she has and so much more. She's just such a wonderful person while also being a total badass, I really think the world of her."