'Baby Shark' Concert Series Hitting 100 Cities This Fall

If you’re tired of asking Alexa to play “Baby Shark” 100 times a day, you’ll now have 100 opportunities to go see it performed live. “Baby Shark Live” is coming for 100 North American cities this fall.

A partnership between Pinkfong and Round Room Live is resulting in what Round Room calls a “fully immersive concert experience” featuring, you guessed it, “Baby Shark.” 

Baby Shark and his pal Pinkfong will hit the stage to sing and dance to songs like “Five Little Monkeys,” “Wheels On the Bus,” “Jungle Boogie,” and, of course, "Baby Shark." 

The shows are scheduled to begin in October, but the full list of dates and locations will be released on July 9th. That’s plenty of time for you to prepare your eardrums for “Baby Shark” in stereo. 

The “Baby Shark Live” announcement comes about a week after Nickelodeon revealed that they would be making a kid’s show based on the Baby Shark character, the Hollywood Reporter reveals.

The show is the lovechild of Nickolodeon, the team behind the YouTube hit, and SmartStudy, a company that works on children’s content branding. 

The song and accompanying dance for kids has gone completely viral since a video was posted to YouTube in 2016. The video has hit almost 3 billion views – and as much as it may seem like it sometimes, all 3 billion are not just from one household. 

The original “Baby Shark” video is now the 9th most-watched video on YouTube, and has resulted in a social media outburst including the #BabySharkChallenge.