Yankees' Battles With Umpires May Come Back to Bite Them: Chris Carlin


(WFAN) -- The Yankees and Major League Baseball’s umpires have not been getting along with each other this season, to say the least.

There have been numerous instances of players and coaches being ejected, including a rant from Aaron Boone in July that went viral. Boone was ejected from a game with Tampa Bay, and was caught on a microphone telling the umpire that his players were “f****** savages” at the plate.

After some more issues with the umpires over the weekend, Chris Carlin is beginning to worry about it only turning more umps against the Yankees. He said as much on “Carlin, Maggie and Bart” on Monday.

“Look I get it. Fans love to see it,” said Carlin on WFAN. “They love to see the screaming and yelling with the umpires at home plate. They love to see Aaron Boone go nuts. They love to see Brett Gardner acting like a bit of a jackass, to be honest. They love all of it, but I got to tell you, this is a major issue for the Yankees right now, because the reputation has been built that they are difficult on the umpires.”

Carlin’s concern is that other umpires are seeing and taking note of how their colleagues are being treated by the Yankees. Boone, Gardner, and CC Sabathia were all tossed during the crazy sixth inning of Saturday’s win over the Indians. Sabathia was ejected despite not even being available to play, he’s still on the Injured List.

After the game, Boone told the press that he thought the umpires “came looking for it” and thus escalated the situation.

Boone’s “savages” line from earlier in the season has become sort of a rallying cry for New York. It has gone so far that various t-shirts with the motto are now being sold by the Yankees. Carlin also took issue with that.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone argues with home plate umpire Ben May on Aug. 17, 2019, against the Cleveland Indians at Yankee Stadium.
Photo credit Wendell Cruz/USA TODAY Images

“How do you think that the umpire’s union feels that at Yankee Stadium they are celebrating the embarrassment, the public embarrassment, of an umpire, with the ‘savages’ t-shirts. It’s one thing for outside companies to make them. It’s another thing for it to be sold in the stadium. That is a direct insult. You are in the middle of embarrassing a kid that was a call-up umpire, who may not have had a great first inning, but you’re embarrassing him.”

As the regular season winds down, it’s also worth remembering that the Yankees have the playoffs looming ahead in October. They can ill afford the league’s umpires all disliking them by October, but Carlin is worried that it’s too late.

“That can cost you when the postseason comes around. You think they’ve got short memories? You think they’re not human?”