Liam Hemsworth Wants a Lot of Kids with Miley Cyrus: '10, 15, Maybe 20'

Liam Hemsworth has revealed that he sees lots of Hemsworth/Cyrus babies in his future – “10, 15, maybe 20” to be exact. 

In his cover story of GQ Australia, Hemsworth opened up about his future with wife Miley Cyrus. While the media has been painting stories of their marriage and baby plans for years, there could be actual plans in the works, now. 

“I’ve been getting married for years now. We’ve been fake married about a billion times,” Hemsworth says of the tabloid features. When asked if he’s been considering a family of his own for real, he responds, “Yeah, one day, once we don’t have so many dogs.” 

Casually, and without cracking a smile, Hemsworth reveals the magic numbers, “10, 15, maybe 20.” Having previously discussed his love of pranking in the interview, who knows if he’s being genuine or just playing us a little? Regardless, fans are thrilled at the idea of an army of Hemsworth babies. If the couple's overflowing love for each other is any indication, they've got tons to share with some little ones. 

One thing’s for sure – we can probably anticipate at least a few young additions to the already expansive Hemsworth/Cyrus clan in the future. Until then, Cyrus’s occasional dog-clad selfies on Instagram will have to do.