Natty Light Is Giving Away Free Beer for Every Birdie at the Masters

By Audacy

Fans of inexpensive beer in Solo cups may hope this becomes a tradition unlike any other (h/t Jim Nantz). Natty Light, known to prim and proper English speakers as Natural Light, is offering up a year’s worth of free beer for every birdie shot at the final round of the Masters this coming Sunday.

Here’s how this deal is going to work: Anyone interested in winning free beer has to tweet the hashtags #BirdieLight and #Sweepstakes on Sunday and then Natty Light will select a number of winners based on the number of birdies notched at Augusta during the final round. If that’s still going over your head, last year there were 234 birdies on Sunday, so 234 people would have gotten beer for a year.

Natty Light may not seem like the most natural accompaniment to a place as august and steeped in tradition as Augusta National, but this is not the first time the sudsy, easy drinking macrobrew has staked out a place at the Masters. In 2017 they set up a pop-up Natty Shack just outside the course and the year before they sponsored golfer Smylie Kaufman.

Natty says it chose this particular metric to give away free beer as a celebration of its “1 stroke win over Miller Lite” when it comes to calories. Natty comes in at 95 calories, Miller Lite has 96. Considering the insults that have been going around in the big beer community so far this year, Natty Light’s dig at Miller Lite seems downright gentlemanly. Maybe Natty does belong at the Masters after all.

The first round in Augusta tees off Thursday at 8:30 AM, so light beer fans, tune in and hope for good weather and friendly greens.